Friday, September 04, 2009

Justice Stevens to retire?

We're a little late on this story, but it's starting to get a lot of traction, so here goes... It looks like Justice Stevens might be on the retirement track as indicated by his lack of hiring law clerks. From the NY Times:

Justice David H. Souter’s failure to hire clerks this spring accurately signaled his decision to step down. On Wednesday, the court confirmed that Justice John Paul Stevens, who is 89, has hired only one clerk, instead of the usual four, for the term starting in October 2010. That ignited speculation that Justice Stevens may be planning to step down next summer.
Or it could merely mean that he is keeping his options open. There is, of course, nothing to prevent Justice Stevens from hiring additional clerks later on. The newest member of the court, Justice
Sonia Sotomayor, hired four clerks in short order after her confirmation last month.
The alternative is to hire clerks now for a job that might evaporate later, something Justice Stevens would not do lightly, people who know him said.
“Justice Stevens is a man who cares deeply about treating people with respect,” said Christopher L. Eisgruber, the provost of
Princeton University, the author of “The Next Justice: Repairing the Supreme Court Appointment Process” and a former clerk to Justice Stevens.

If Stevens does retire, maybe we'll finally get a Floridian to the Supreme Court... Those will be huge shoes to fill.

In other news, the Padilla oral argument will take place on November 17 in Atlanta.

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Anonymous said...

Stevens is a Floridian. He lives in Fort Lauderdale (dude loves to golf, play tennis and swim in the ocean) and will often telecommute from Lauderdale when the Court is in session but not hearing oral arguments. Regardless of your political views, you have to admit that Stevens is a giant who will be missed when he is gone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Stevens was the best justice for many years.