Tuesday, September 01, 2009

That's hot -- Paris wins again...

...this time in the Court of Appeals (the 9th Circuit -- here's the opinion). From Reuters:

The celebrity and heiress Paris Hilton may pursue her lawsuit against Hallmark Cards over its use of her picture and catchphrase "That's hot" on a greeting card, a federal appeals court ruled on Monday.
Hilton had contended that Hallmark violated her privacy and right of publicity by ripping off a scene from her reality TV show "The Simple Life" on a birthday card captioned "Paris's First Day as a Waitress."
A three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Hallmark's argument that its depiction of the Hilton Hotels heiress was protected speech as a matter of law.
It sent the case back to a lower court, which had turned aside Hilton's claim of trademark infringement but rejected other Hallmark defenses.

Paris is now 2-0 in federal court... That's huge:

Hat tip: my commentors and WSJ Law Blog.


Drew Golburgh said...

Seems like a poor excuse for staying in the news. She's gotta have more exciting things to be doing!

Rumpole said...

Somebody likes Paris...A LOT!!! BFFs?