Wednesday, September 02, 2009

News & Notes

1. The big interviews are today with Senators Nelson and Martinez. They've flown down here and the interviews will be held at the federal courthouse. But they are closed to the public. (They should be open, shouldn't they?) If anyone hears anything about them, please email me.

2. Holland & Knight got sued. Julie Kay has the details:

The receiver in an alleged $347 million Ponzi scheme has filed a malpractice lawsuit against Holland & Knight and partner Scott MacLeod, claiming they failed to provide investors with crucial information about the disbarred attorney behind the investments. The suit filed Monday in Sarasota Circuit Court accuses the law firm and its attorney of preparing disclosure documents for investors that failed to mention Arthur Nadel, who headed the hedge funds, was a disbarred New York attorney who had drained a client’s escrow account. The suit also accuses Holland & Knight of conflicts of interest by representing Nadel and his investment funds simultaneously. The suit seeks in excess of $50 million in punitive damages, receiver Burt Wiand said. Karen McBride, a spokeswoman for Holland & Knight, said, “the firm’s position remains unchanged. We’ve done nothing wrong and we intend to vigorously defend this.”

3. Guy Lewis & Mike Tein keep growing their firm. Five new associates from UM Law School. Business is good!

4. The University of Miami will honor Steve Chaykin:

The University of Miami School of Law Center for Ethics and Public Service has established a fellowship in memory of the late Steve Chaykin, an Akerman Senterfitt shareholder and criminal defense attorney who died on vacation last year. Chaykin slipped in rapids while trying to rescue his wife, Melissa, who fell into the Colorado river. His wife survived, but Chaykin was knocked unconscious and drowned. The Chaykin fellowship has been established for third-year law students who served in one of the center’s programs or community service clinics. The recipient must display leadership and mentoring skills and a strong sense of ethical judgment, professional responsibility and professionalism. “The fellowship honors the significant, historic contribution that Chaykin made to the South Florida legal profession and to the law school, university community and the civic community,” said Tony Alfieri, a UM professor of ethics and public service and the center’s director.

5. Steve Zack broke his ankle in Napa... Was wine to blame? From Joan Fleischman:

Miami attorney Steve Zack, the American Bar Association's president-elect, won't be traveling for awhile. Zack, 61, broke his right fibula, the smaller of the two main bones near the ankle.
He's to blame, he says, for last week's midday slip-and-fall. Happened in Napa, Calif., but he swears he wasn't tipsy from wine. ``Had gone to tastings the day before.''
So how did it happen? ``Silliest thing. There was loose gravel over a road. My left leg slipped. I tried to catch myself with the right leg and I fell on it. When I heard the pop, I knew it wasn't a good day.'' He's using a wheelchair and crutches, and expects to have a plate put in to help the bone heal straight and stabilize the ankle.
``Last time I broke an ankle was 40 years ago, playing tennis. It seemed to hurt a lot less.''


Rumpole said...

KUDOS to UM for honoring Steve Chaykin. Well deserved.







Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

UM ranks in Hispanic Biz:

Where's FIU - I thought it was supposed to be some hispanic Mecca... guess its even 2nd to UM in that area too...