Wednesday, November 05, 2008



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And your next U.S. Attorney will be . . .

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Atticus Finch is probably the only one that can bring integrity back to the office.

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Harvey Ruvin returns as Miami-Dade clerk


Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin easily beat back challenges by a trio of unknown challengers Tuesday, holding on to the post he was elected to in 1992.

With two-thirds of the precincts reporting, Ruvin, 71, cruised past attorney Al Perez, concert promoter Darrin McGillis, and Julio Valido, a Hialeah air-conditioner contractor, capturing nearly 75 percent of the vote.

It was Ruvin's first challenge in 16 years.

Ruvin's closest competitor, Perez, picked up 15 percent of the vote, while McGillis and Valido came in with single-digit returns.

Shortly after returns started coming in, McGillis congratulated Ruvin on his decisive victory.

''He is by far a better man than any of his challengers for this office,'' McGillis wrote in an e-mail to The Miami Herald. ``The voters of Miami-Dade County got this race right.''

Ruvin is probably best known to voters as the name on traffic tickets, but the clerk of courts is also responsible for preparing the minutes at County Commission meetings and receiving and processing initiatives, referendums and recall petitions.

The clerk's office has a staff of 1,500 employees and oversees the collection of $1 billion a year.

In addition to strong name recognition and endorsements from groups like the United Teachers of Dade, Ruvin also held a sizable fundraising lead over his competitors. He had amassed more than $275,000 in campaign contributions, compared to his next closest competitor, Perez, who had just $34,500 in his campaign coffers.

Before serving as clerk, Ruvin spent 20 years as a county commissioner and four years as mayor of North Bay Village.