Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ben Kuehne

This email invitation is making the rounds. Should be quite an event:

PLEASE JOIN CO-CHAIRS The Honorable Gerald Kogan & Robert Josefsberg


The Florida Association of Criminal Defense LawyersThe Miami Chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense LawyersRay Abadin, Robert Ader, Frank Angones, Jeffrey S. Bass, David Bogenschutz, Ron Book,Bennett Brummer, Richard Burton, Bob Butterworth, Jennifer Coberly, Kendall Coffey,Hank Coxe, Alan Dimond, Steven Eisenberg, Peggy Fisher, Rick Freedman, Tomas Gamba,Mayor Joseph Geller, Ervin Gonzalez, Jonathan Goodman, Fred Haddad, Larry Handfield, ArturoHernandez, Richard Hersch, Robert Hertzberg, Milton Hirsch, Elizabeth Hitt, Dennis Kainen,Hank Klein, Joe Klock, Thomas Korge, Albert Krieger, John Lazarus, Hector Lombana, BruceLyons, Wallace Magathan, David Markus, Amanda Maxwell, Jon May, Richard Milstein, MichaelMoskowitz, Jorge Mursuli, Pam Perry, Mark Raymond, Bill Richey, David Rothman, FrankRubino, Leonard Sands, Mark Schnapp, Joseph Serota, Richard Sharpstein, Angela Sherrill,John K. Shubin, Lisa Sloat, H.T. Smith, Russell Smith, Ed Strongin,Brian Tannebaum, Rod Vereen, Stanley Wakshlag, Mayor Otis Wallace, Jeffrey Watson


3157 Commodore PlazaMiami, Florida 33133THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 20086:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.Suggested Contribution of $200.00 Payable to“Benedict P. Kuehne, Legal Defense Fund”If unable to attend, kindly send contribution toShubin & Bass46 S.W. 1st Street, 3rd FloorMiami, Florida 33130R.S.V.P. to Nydia Marrero at305.381.6060 or Complimentary Valet Parking


South Florida Lawyers said...

A great event for a great cause.

See you there!

Leland E. Garvin said...

Definitely good cause...

Anonymous said...

This absolutely absurd. You've got two past Florida Bar Presidents raising money for a guy who was indicted by the federal government. If this doesn't show what a good ole boy network The Florida Bar is, I don't know what would.

Are we going to have a fundraiser for the Medellin Cocaine Cartel Defense Fund as well?

Jack Thompson (So sue me)

Anonymous said...

Are we going to have a fundraiser for the Medellin Cocaine Cartel Defense Fund as well?

Excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

Ben Kuehne certainly knows how to charge his clients a pretty penny. He should have enough money to pay for his own lawyers several times over. And if he doesn't, then shame on him all over again.

Laser said...
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Anonymous said...

What "principal" [sic] is involved here? The principle that an allegedly savvy lawyer can get around the RICO statute by certifying that a drug cartel's money is clean? Is the principle that is at stake is that the federal government could not POSSIBLY be right about this and that three (not two) former Florida Bar Presidents are serving the public interest by asserting that Kuehne could not possibly have done anything wrong here? Look at Florida Bar Rule 4-8.2(a) and tell me that Dimond, Angones, and Coxe are not breaking it by this stunt? Jack Thompson