Monday, November 03, 2008

Federal Bar Luncheon

Celeste Higgins, the new pres of the local Federal Bar Association, asked me to let you all know that Beth Wilkinson is the first luncheon speaker on Wednesday November 12. Here's the info:

Beth Wilkinson is former General Counsel of Fannie Mae. Prior to thatposition, she was partner and co-chair of the White Collar practice groupat Latham and Watkins and prosecutor in the Timothy McVeigh and TerryNichols Oklahoma City bombing trials. She was a special AUSA in Miami in 1990-1991 who worked with the prosecution of Noriega. She will, no doubt,give us a behind the scenes perspective on the current financial crisis andthe other major legal events she has seen and participated in since leavingthe Southern District of Florida. Furthermore, her unique perspective as aprosecutor, defense attorney and general counsel provides a greatopportunity to hear what she thinks the biggest issues will be for attorneys and judges as the financial crisis unfolds and a new administration takes over on January 20, 2009.The luncheon will be held at the Bankers' Club located at One BiscayneTower on Wednesday, November 12th promptly at 12 noon. Reservations can bemade by calling Lourdes Fernandez, Law Clerk to Judge Dube at (305)523-5771. The cost is $35 per person.


Rumpole said...

LUNCH OR DINNER? Make up your mind. I'll go to both and eat, just let me know.

David Oscar Markus said...

Glad to know you are reading Rumpy. Lunch. Fixed.

Anonymous said...

Wow David! A positive plug for a former AUSA . . . You better be careful, your readership may take umbrage.