Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Two words, your honor,Not guilty."

That was Charles Kuck said in his opening statement to Immigration Judge Kenneth Hurewitz for his client Lyglenson Lemorin. You remember Lemorin -- he was the one defendant who was acquitted from the Liberty City 7 trial (Joel DeFabio was his lawyer). The others have had two hung juries. But no matter for the government -- it is seeking to deport Lemorin saying he was actually guilty.

I'm sorry, but this is outrageous. Why have a jury system if the government can just say it doesn't matter? While the other defendants from the case are out on bond, Lemorin has been in an immigration cell waiting to yet again prove his innocence.

Here's Vanessa Blum's article on the case. It's time for Lemorin, a 20-year resident with no prior convictions, to go home to his family.


Anonymous said...

Hillary is a champ!

Anonymous said...


When you post Vanessa Blum stories on the blog, can you post her picture? She is HOT!


Here is a link to her face book photo:


Anonymous said...

Though I understand that point, I still disagree with it. Even though Lemorin may have not been a convicted terrorist beyond a reasonable doubt, if it is more likely than not someone who would have harbored anti-american sentiment or animosity then that is someone we want no part of. He should be deported. I am not saying he does in fact feel that way. I do not know. I did not sit through the trial. The immigration judge should decide. Let's kick him out if the judge agrees. On the other hand if the judge finds he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, then he should be released and left alone.

Anonymous said...


You are saying we should deport people legally here because they harbor anti-American sentiment?


So, I should be deported because I despise the Bush administration?

Who get's to decide what is anti-American? Does selling French fries instead of "Freedom Fries" count?

Isn't what you just said one of the most anti-American things that has been posted on this blog? Better get your things packed.

Anonymous said...

11:14 is a great american

10:16 clearly hasn't thought it through

Anonymous said...

You are the jackass, if you believe that pledging loyalty to al qaeda deserves a free pass. I guess that anti-american is not the right adjective. terrorist-leaning is more apt. So, hating Bush is not the issue. Hating america, and pledging loyalty to its sworn enemy is disqualifying. If you are a citizen, it is enough in my view to be kicked out as well. That is the allegation in this case. Lemorin and his co-horts were not tried for being anti-Bush, you moron. If that was a crime then millions of people would be deported. That is not what is going on here.

South Florida Lawyers said...

That pledge was a bunch of baloney, as the jury already concluded. I can't think of a greater waste of tax dollars (ok, I can, but still...)

Anonymous said...

"You are the jackass" . . . is 3:18 actually resorting to the "I know what you are, but what am I" defense?

Rumpole said...

May it please the court for the prosecution. Two words as well: Dick Cheney.

Two more words: September 11th.

One more word: terrorist.

We live in a land of liberty. But we can only keep these rights and freedoms that make us the envy of the world by throwing terrorist scum like this in jail and then deport him to the ends of the earth.

Not guilty you say? How would they like it if these terrorists won and then we didn't have any jury trials? What then? So clearly, the only way to preserve these freedoms we all cherish is to ignore the foolish decisions of dumb jurors and follow our great leader Dick Cheney and do what he says, so we can remain free. Cheney says this guy is guilty and that's enough for the government, and Judge, if I may speak frankly, that should be good enough for you, if you want to keep your job.

Thank you. This concludes the government's opening statement.