Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Prosecutors seek protection

Julie Kay reports here on the government's desire to get prosecutors more protection:

In the wake of three murders and the recent attack on a federal prosecutor in a New York courtroom, a group representing the nation's federal prosecutors is calling for stepped-up security, including home alarms, self-defense training and the right to carry firearms.Additionally, the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys, which represents the country's 5,400 federal prosecutors, wants secure parking for prosecutors, particularly those who handle dangerous criminal cases."Statistically, we are threatened more than judges," said Steve Cook, chairman of the NAAUSA security committee and a Tennessee federal prosecutor. "Security is a very important issue for us."

Hmmmm. Self-defense training? My advice -- let the Marshals do the defending for you guys. That's all we need -- [INSERT NAME HERE] going toe to toe with an armed career criminal...

According to the article, prosecutors also want to be able to carry firearms without having to wait two weeks to get approval. Oh boy.... How long till a defense lawyer gets shot?


Anonymous said...

They deserve protection, but come on. GUNS?! There are about 10 prosecutors in the S.D. of FL that are responsible enough to carry a gun -- that is all we need, overly zealous, self-aggrandizing fed's with little to no meaningful training carrying weapons on the way into work. I can see it now:

[Driving on I-95 - AUSA Ass Hole, I Am, ("AHIA") is cut off by a BMW ("Cowboy") southbound]

AHIA: Cut ME off will you? I guess you don't know who I am.

[AHIA speeds his Honda up and inch by inch reels in the Cowboy]

[Along side, AHIA gains the attention of Cowboy and they lower their windows]

AHIA: Don't you know who I am?!

Cowboy: Huh?


Cowboy: Que?

AHIA: I know you speak English...now you are lying to a Federal Official--haven't you ever heard of 1001!?!

Cowboy: Que?

AHIA: Oh yeah? Now you've done it!

[AHIA displays his brand new chrome Dessert Eagle .50 cal, the gun he has been dreaming about being able to whip out ever since...well, puberty]

Cowboy: Dios Mio! Mierda. Usted está loco. ¿Qué usted está haciendo? ¡Cambié solamente carriles!

AHIA: I'm a what? You want to do what to my mother?

[Cowboy revs his engine and the chase begins - like a bird and prey - AHIA does not intend on letting this Cowboy get away...if he had only remembered to pick up his Blue Light, then Cowboy would really know who to respect.]

Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of...A-Hole and his pistola.

Anonymous said...

today a federal agent was murdered in fort lauderdale...

Anonymous said...

Not to belittle the death of the federal agent in question, but my understanding is that it had nothing to do with his position as a federal agent. In fact, wasn't it over a road rage issue? Or was it a fight over a parking spot? I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

11:22 AM: I was thinking the same ... Basically reflecting on what kind of argument would generate such a lethal reaction from a sixty-five year old who has never even had a criminal record. It's beyond unfortunate for both families, and there are two little girls who lost their fathers. The lesson at hand folks – never follow a stranger into a parking lot in order to continue an argument triggered by road rage. It's clearly not worth it.