Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maybe I need to rethink this appointment thing...

...after this.


Anonymous said...

Why? He is clearly qualified and from what I understand respected. The fact that you would not have appointed someone from the republican drek (sp?) machine had you been governor doesn't mean that, given that Crist is part of that drek he would naturally appoint someone from that ilk. The problem is not with the appointment; it is with the drek. But I would rather have Canady as justice, than an election mired in gamesmanship and money.

Anonymous said...

The use of words like "drek" and "ilk" aside, I agree with 9:54.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem David has with Canady is that he's from Yale and David is from Harvard. LOL

Anonymous said...

"A graduate of Yale Law School, Canady authored the partial-birth abortion ban that passed Congress, pushed for legislation to end preferential treatment by race in college admissions, sponsored legislation to establish school vouchers programs, worked to allow federal aid to schools only if they allowed voluntary school prayer and sponsored a constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling holding flag-burning to be a form of protected speech under the First Amendment.

While working for Bush, Canady defended Bush's school voucher program, which gave tuition vouchers to children from failing public schools to attend private schools at taxpayer expense. The Supreme Court ruled 5-2 in 2006 that the program was unconstitutional."

Very scarry stuff. The right wing just moved a little further right.

Anonymous said...

Not to get off message but our Clerk Harvey Ruvin may need our help to keep his job.

Contributions: $222,436.19

Expended in the primary: $150,314.65

Ruvin spent $150-K and only got 50,000 votes. He spent $3.00 for each vote he got. His opposition David Nelson spent zero dollars and raised zero dollar and got 25,000 votes.

Ruvin won the primary against Nelson on Aug 26, but at what cost? If he plans to win in November against McGillis and Perez he had better get that campaign machine going!