Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random questions from the last two days

Did you work on Monday and Tuesday this week?
Yes, I went to the office both days
Yes, I worked from home
No, I played Guitar Hero at home
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And for the comments:

How many billable hours were lost in the rain?

Did BigLaw make their secretaries work?

Should the federal courts track the school closures?

If the court is closed, should you be able to e-file motions?


Anonymous said...

I have another question, when did we as a society begin to see an unscheduled day off as a terrible thing?

Anonymous said...

11:49: an unscheduled day off became a problem the same day that 25,000 tourists were forced to evacuate our neighbor county to the south. Figure that each one of those tourists accounted for $300 a day in revenue (at least). That's a $7,500,000 hit to the economy a day just in tourism. Doesn't sound like much, but it adds up.

Plus, at least the storm could have done a little property damage so that we could get some nice insurance and FEMA money to make up for the lost tourism and productivity.

In any event. I worked both days.

Commodore said...

$300 per day?! Have you SEEN the Rednecks that go to the Keys? Try $300 per week + trailer parking space fees and water hook up. 7-11s do well on Milwaukee's Best sales though.