Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm backkkkkk

Who was the little rat who lied and told Google we were a spam blog, huh? (A couple of days ago we received a msg from Google saying that we were under suspicion of being a spam blog. Google therefore blocked us and said that until it could investigate, we were shut down... This happened to Rumpole a while back too. He was gracious enough to agree to post anything important while we were blocked, but I figured I could use a day or two without blogging.)

Well, your dirty tricks didn't work...

We're back baby.

And now we know what Jay Weaver has been holed up doing the last couple of weeks.... writing about Medicaid fraud. Lots of words to read here.

Cliff's Notes version -- There is a great deal of Medicaid fraud in Florida.

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Anonymous said...

It's Medicare not Medicaid.