Thursday, June 12, 2008

Update on Kozinski

Above the Law has all the details here, including that Judge Alex Kozinski has suspended the trial for 48 hours to figure out what to do, and an email from Kozinski himself:

David [Lat]: I can't comment on the trial.
As for the other matter, the server was maintained by my son, Yale, for the entire family. Pictures, documents, music, audio and other items of personal and family interest are stored there so various family members can reach them from wherever they happen to be. Everyone in the family stores stuff there, and I had no idea what some of the stuff is or was -- I was surprised that it was there. I assumed I must have put it there by accident, but when the story broke, Yale called and said he's pretty sure he uploaded a bunch of it. I had no idea, but that sounds right, because I sure don't remember putting some of that stuff there.
I consider the server a private storage device, not meant for public access. I'd have been more careful about its contents if I had known that others could access it.

Here's the latest from the LA Times.

UPDATE -- There are a number of sites that have collected the images from Kozinski's website. See here, for example. Ann Althouse discusses those images and the controversy at this link.


Anonymous said...

This is the best story I've about in a while...and you gotta love that it came out of the 9th Circuit.

Anonymous said...

Yikes...the priest one is disturbing.