Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blogging about your own criminal trial...

... as a defendant.

Yup, you can read about photographer Carlos Miller's trial in state court from Miller's perspective.

I find it fascinating. Apparently, the prosecutor asked Judge Joe Fernandez (in state county court) to prohibit Miller from blogging about the trial. Fernandez denied that request.

Interesting that in a trial about First Amendment rights that the prosecutor would ask for the defendant not to be able to blog about the case....

Good for Judge Fernandez.

Hat Tip Rumpole.

UPDATE -- Well, the trial is over. And blogger/defendant Carlos Miller is not happy with the result. And apparently, Judge Fernandez is not happy with Mr. Miller, sentencing him to more probation than requested by the prosecutor.

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Anonymous said...


Guy was convicted, prosecutor asked for three months probation, judge gives year and much harsher terms...guy posts again, which is very interesting, including this post sentencing:

"Just because hundreds of thousands of veterans have died defending democracy and my freedoms does not mean I should refrain from utilizing these freedoms, whether it be blogging, photographing or simply saying “Fuck You, Judge Fernandez.”

Good stuff...David, you should volunteer to represent him on the probation violation/contempt charges that are coming.