Thursday, June 12, 2008

Former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell

Fascinating article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell who is serving a 30 month sentence for tax evasion.

Apparently the Mayor tried to get out of prison early by faking an alcohol problem. In federal prison, you can be released early if you have a drug or alcohol problem (and otherwise qualify)and participate in an intensive rehab program. Campbell participated and was released early, but when the Atlanta prosecutors found out, they flipped and informed BOP that Campbell was making it all up. BOP yanked him back into custody.

Campbell filed suit in front of Judge Ursula Ungaro, but he then withdrew the suit. He's now back in...


Anonymous said...

That really sucks for him!

Anonymous said...

this happens all the time. defense lawyers tell their clients to blame a drug or alcohol problem so that they can get a year knocked off. one of the dirty little secrets in fed ct