Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More trouble for Kuehne prosecution and other lawyer news

In what already looks like a doomed prosecution against attorney Ben Kuehne, it just got tougher. Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided Cuellar v. United States, which holds (9-0 per Thomas) that the federal money-laundering statue did not require proof of “appearance of legitimate wealth” and the statute could not be satisfied solely by evidence that a defendant concealed funds during transportation. The Kuehne team will be pouring over every word of the opinion, I'm sure...

In other lawyer news, Goeffrey Fieger was acquitted yesteday. His lawyer, Gerry Spence, remains undefeated! Fieger had this to say (apropos of the above case): "I'm very pleased with the American system and the jury. I thank the jury for listening. I hope this puts an end to political prosecutions in the age of Mr. Bush."

And finally, attorney Mel Weiss was sentenced to 30 months (3 months below the advisory guideline range agreed on by the parties).


Anonymous said...


Is it possible the Hyde amendment could come into play? Can you give us a little info on it?

Unknown said...


You mentioned that the unanimous ruling in Cuellar would be of no help in Mr. Kuehne's case - which is truly quite unfortunate ... However, Cuellar v. United States, would uphold the reversal of Juan Carlos Elso's conviction.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what's going on in Johnny's appeal?