Saturday, May 24, 2008

DNC lawsuit

From the Miami Herald:

Florida's history of discrimination against African Americans should force the national Democratic Party to count all of the state's delegates at its national convention, a federal lawsuit filed Thursday claims.

The suit, filed by state Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller and two other Democrats, claims that the federal Voting Rights Act prohibits the national party from stripping the state of its convention delegates as punishment for violating party rules by holding its primary too early.

The civil-rights-era law requires the U.S. Justice Department to approve any significant voting change in Florida to make sure it doesn't disenfranchise minority voters. Geller argues that includes the Democratic National Committee's demand that Florida switch ''from a state-run primary to party-run caucus system'' to avoid losing its delegates.

''This is not about the Hillary Clinton campaign; this is not about the Barack Obama campaign. This is not even about the Florida Democratic Party. This is about democracy and how we value our votes,'' said Barbara Effman, president of the West Broward Democratic Club and a Clinton delegate. Effman joined Geller, an uncommitted superdelegate, and Percy Johnson, an Obama delegate, in the lawsuit.

Here's the lawsuit, filed by Ben Kuehne and Richard Epstein, which was assigned to Judge Marra.

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Anonymous said...

HRC's desperation is reaching all new heights . . . Of course, this lawsuit is about HRC! How dumb does Geller think the rest of us are? The fact is HRC agreed not to have the delegates counted (because at the time she thought she was a lock for the nomination).