Friday, May 16, 2008

Ben Kuehne to receive award from FACDL-Miami this weekend

Saturday night the Florida Association of Criminal Defense lawyer will be having its annual banquet. Ben Kuehne will be receiving the Daniel S. Pearson-Harry W. Prebish Founder's Award, FACDL's highest honor. The Jose Padilla defense team will be receiving the Rodney Thaxton "Against All Odds" award, and Judge Steve Leifman will receive the Gerald Kogan Judicial Distinction Award.

Julie Kay writes about it here.


Anonymous said...

It's about time he was awarded. Ben's a good guy!

Anonymous said...

From: Fake Jake Thompson, Esq. And Gadfly.

To: Chief Judge Fred Moreno

RE: 13th Floor

Dear Judge Moreno:

Perhaps you remember me from 60 minutes, or C-Span, or my near miss run against Janet Reno in the 1980's. She actually smacked me, for which I had a criminal investigation conducted. My right shoulder has never been the same since. Anyway, I digress.

It has come to my attention that the new federal courthouse has 13 floors. I hereby demand you either add or subtract one floor for the following reasons:

1) The number 13 is the sign of satan.

2) Several bad things happen on the 13th floor of different buildings in the new video game grand theft autoIV, including simulated oral sex, simulated anal sex, simulated vaginal sex, and simulated pool. Young children should not be exposed to billards before the age of 18, according to several reliable psychological studies.

I demand that you fix the building or I shall see you in court, and NOT on the 13th floor. The ball is in your court- fix it now, or pay later. Either way, this should be fun.


Fake Jake Thompson, Esq., and Gadfly. (you will note that Jake Thompson has 12 letters, and with good reason I may add. But "federal courts" have 13 letters and that is a very bad sign for you.)