Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Opening statements in Liberty City 7 case

Longtime prosecutor Richard Gregorie opened for the government. According to the Herald:

''These defendants wanted to wage a jihad against the United States,'' Gregorie said. ''They tell us so in unique detail,'' he said, citing wiretaps, videotapes and other FBI surveillances.
''This agreement is clear, ladies and gentlemen,'' he said. ``It's taped recorded and you are there.''

Ana Jhones for the lead defendant countered (from the AP):

Batiste attorney Ana M. Jhones countered that the purported plot was driven mainly by two paid FBI informants, including one known as Mohammed who posed as a representative of al-Qaida. She said Batiste's group was coerced into going along with the violent plan by "this great con man," who was paid about $80,000 by the FBI.
"This case is about an orchestrated event, a play," Jhones said. "These two informants knew how to work the system. They wrote the script."

"He never had any intent to do any of these things the government is accusing him of. He never had the ability," Jhones said. "Narseal Batiste was talking the talk and walking the walk."

And Rod Vereen for defendant Stanley Phanor (from the Sun-Sentinel):

"[Vereen] said the only possible outcome for his client should be a not guilty vote. 'This is a case where nonsense meets common sense,' Vereen said.

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Curlatini, Esq. said...

They look like a bunch of thugs. The defense attorney was probably fronting an honest defense--they are a dumb group of gangbangers who thought they were smart enough to pull a fast one on Al Quaeda. If they don't go to prison for this one, they'll go in for drug trafficking, carjacking, or armed robbery in the near future.