Thursday, October 04, 2007

Judge Jordan and Jack Thompson

It's hard to keep up with all the Jack Thompson filings in the Judge Jordan case. The latest is that he tried to get Jordan off the case so that he could name him as a defendant. No go -- from Game Politics:

In an order issued late yesterday, Judge Jordan wrote:

In my opinion, the content of the numerous filings submitted by Mr. Thompson
indicate that he has difficulty separating the legal issues in this case from
broader social issues on which he has strongly-held beliefs. Mr. Thompson
unfortunately appears to believe that every act taken against him, and any
judicial ruling adverse to him, are part of a vast conspiracy designed to
silence him and destroy him.

Judge Jordan has scheduled a hearing for October 9th at 9:30 AM on motions by the defendants (the Florida Bar and Judge Dava Tunis, the referee in Thompson’s Bar disciplinary trial) to dismiss the case.

The judge will also hear from Thompson on a motion regarding the “show cause” order issued from the bench following Thompson’s inclusion of gay porn in a docket filing.

And if you can't get enough of this craziness, here's what happened in Thompson's other lawsuit in front of Judge Huck.



Anonymous said...

Quidado David,

May not want to cover this one too much. But, I will provide you with pro bono representation!

Rumpole said...

If ever there was a court hearing that cried out for an on the spot- in the court room- blog reporter - this is it. Can we expect that Mr. Markus will be present providing live updates like he did for the Padilla verdict?

Anonymous said...

You think Jack will show up with his toothbrush?

Anonymous said...

I have informed Judge Jordan, by a filing just submitted, that I'm going to the Eleventh Circuit to seek a writ of mandamus.

I should like to suggest that you report what is in the court file rather than what you read at rabid video game sites. You do have a PACER account, right?

Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

JT should abandon his legal career and begin anew as a comedy writer. Seriously, this stuff is gold!!

Anonymous said...

Did Darrin MacGillis change his name to Jack Thomas?

Anonymous said...

Jack Thompson is a national treasure.

South Florida Lawyers said...

How did Judge Jordan wind up in the middle of this circus?

Though I guess it beats plea hearings.

Anonymous said...

Not to question J.J.'s legal acumen, but....Wouldn't it be a writ of prohibition?

Rumpole said...

Mr. Thompson has strongly held beliefs. He is willing to fight for those beliefs to the extent he puts his neck on the line. Would it be that more lawyers were as zealous in their defense of their clients. That being said, I would qiuetly advise Mr. Thompson that even the best writers have editors, and perhaps he should put all his thoughts down on paper, wait a day or two- and then craft one good motion. Abe Lincoln was famous for writing letters in anger and waiting a day before mailing them. When his assistants were going through his desk after he was assassinated, they found dozens of letters written in anger and never mailed.

Anonymous said...

the full and frightening unbridled truth about guy is not coming to light on the game politics web site, it is being covered daily at, and it is not pretty...the things that jack has done disgrace not only him but if i were norm kent, steve chaykin, judge jordan, barry richard or any one of the people he has so viciously attacked i would take him to the back of the wood shed and not just some committee on peer review........Thompson's pleadings are deranged delusional and seriously in need of review...these people are in danger.........