Friday, October 12, 2007

"Nothing short of brilliant"

That's victorious Mike Tein on Judge Cecilia Altonaga's 61 page ruling, rejecintg a proposed agreement to settle a class action lawsuit over defective Sharper Image air purifiers. Here's the DBR article on the decision. Not a good day for plaintiff attorney Robert Parks. Our previous coverage here.

Analysis of the opinion here by new (and anonymous) blogger, "South Florida Lawyers".


South Florida Lawyers said...

I have heard from multiple sources that Tein's presentation at the evidentiary hearing in August was nothing short of brilliant.

Parks sure doesn't come off well, this will certainly be the death knell to his new-found interest in class actions.

Anonymous said...

this is why parks was thrown out if the haggard firm and sent on his way. he has wondered from firm to firm his whole career. has done well in aviation cases.[who doesnt]

Anonymous said...

You do not Trial Master---You do not.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Thanks for the plug, David!