Monday, July 02, 2007

New Chief Judge

Congrats to Judge Moreno on becoming Chief Judge of the Southern District of Florida. And a big thank you to Judge Zloch for his service over the past 7 years. It's not an easy position and it's mostly thankless. Here's the district's press release about the change. Any thoughts as to how the district will change with the new chief?


Judge Federico A. Moreno Succeeds Judge William J. Zloch
as Chief United States District Judge for the Southern District of Florida

Effective July 1, 2007, Federico A. Moreno succeeds William J. Zloch as Chief United States District Judge for the Southern District of Florida. Judge Zloch, appointed to the District Court in November 1985, became Chief Judge on July 1, 2000 and was eligible to serve for seven years as Chief Judge. He concluded his seven-year term as Chief Judge on June 30, 2007. Judge Moreno, appointed to the District Court in July 1990, is the next judge in order of seniority eligible to assume the duties of Chief Judge. The duties of the District’s Chief Judge are listed at 3.00.00 of the Southern District of Florida’s Internal Operating Procedures available under “Rules” on the Court’s internet site:

The Southern District of Florida spans eight South Florida counties with a total population estimated at over 6.3 million residents. The District is among the busiest federal trial court jurisdictions in the country and is served by 18 active district judges, five senior district judges, 18 magistrate judges, and about 550 employees. The Court conducts sessions in Key West, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Fort Pierce.

Chief Judge Moreno’s chambers are located in the James Lawrence King Federal Justice Building, 99 NE Fourth Street, Miami, Florida.

Clarence Maddox, Court Administrator
United States District Court
301 N. Miami Avenue
Room 321
Miami, Florida 33128

ADDED: Isn't it nice that we don't have any chief controversies. Check out Rumpole and JAABlog for the craziness in Broward Circuit Court!


Anonymous said...

Compared to Zloch, Moreno will be awesome. But then again, it's compared to Zloch

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you mean that Judge Moreno will be "awesome" as Chief Judge. But, I do know that during his tenure, Judge Zloch was confronted with a tremendous number of difficult issues (e.g., post 9-11 security issues, hurricanes, the closure of the WPB courthouse, the transfer to electronic filing) all of which he handled with an significant degree of skill and dexterity. In my opinion, the district owes Judge Zloch a debt of gratitude for his service.

Anonymous said...

I agree with @6:31. I think the work of the Chief Judge is largely thankless and more something that is noticed when things go wrong than when they go right. He handled the job well and I'm sure is glad for his term to hand over the reigns of responsibilities to Moreno.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an idea as to when a permanent judge may be seated in Fort Pierce, FL, US Southern District Courthouse?