Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy birthday SDFLA blog

It's been two great years doing this blog. We started Fourth of July weekend two years ago, and since then readership has shot up (last year we were averaging about 175 hits a day, now we are up to well over 300 per day), a bunch of other local blogs have started to cover the courts, and we continue to have fun doing it.

Here is our first post, arguing that the President should appoint a Floridian to the Supreme Court (apparently, he didn't listen!).

And here is our one year anniversary post.

Our second year anniversary post, about the jurors dressing up in the Padilla trial, has gotten a bunch of attention. Thanks to the Volokh Conspiracy, the Wall Street Journal legal blog, Rumpole, Discourse, The National Review, TalkLeft, and a bunch of others for linking to that post. Our numbers are way up because of it...


Rumpole said...

Happy anniversary. I have a question for you: has a federal judge ever spoken to you (in court or out) about the blog? What would you say is the opinion of the federal judiciary about the blog?

Anyway, keep up the good work.


David Oscar Markus said...


Yes, judges have spoken to me about the blog, all off the record. The ones that have spoken to me enjoy reading about the court news. As far as I know though, none have commented -- unlike the state judges who write in to the Justice Building Blog.