Sunday, July 15, 2007

Justice Jordan?

When we first started the blog, we argued that the upcoming High Court vacancies should be filled by a Floridian. And during that Supreme Court mania, some of our own judges, like Cecilia Altonaga and Federico Moreno (and 11th Cir. Judge Marcus and Fla. Sup. Ct. Justice Cantero) were mentioned. But instead we got Roberts and Alito...

Now Tom Goldstein, of SCOTUSBlog, theorizes who will be on the shortlist should a Democrat take the White House in 2008. Here is his original post and his follow-up post.

On the list -- Judge Adalberto Jordan! Goldstein says that Jordan makes the shortlist assuming that he quickly ascends to the Eleventh Circuit. Very exciting...

Our old poll on the subject is still up. The current results for the top three:

Stanley Marcus 38%

Federico Moreno 36%

Adalberto Jordan 9%


Anonymous said...

Judge Jordan is a hell of a guy- both on and off the bench. We could do worse than have him on the short list of possible SCOTUS justices.

Anonymous said...

You heard it hear first

1. Hilary becomes President
2. Judge Barkett takes senior status
3. Judge Jordan appointed to the 11th
4. Justices Stevens and Ginsburg retire
5. Justice Jordan

Anonymous said...

Here are my predictions:

1. US Atty's Office hires prosecutor with a heart.
2. US Atty's Office fires prosecutor with heart after learning about said heart.
3. US Atty's Office actually produces Brady material.
4. US Atty's Office promptly executes warrant at defense atty's office to recover "accidentally disclosed information of a sensitive nature"
5. David Markus becomes US Atty SD Fla.

Anonymous said...

Judge Jordan could go directly from SD Fla to the Supremes. He sits by designation several times a year on the 11th and has the pedigree (O'Connor clerkship, US Attys Office) to make a short list coming from the district court.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time a judge went from the dct to the SCt?

Anonymous said...

Not sure of the last district court judge elevated, but plenty of SCOTUS justices were never judges at all prior to being nominated. Earl Warren had no prior judicial experience. Nor did William Rehnquist, Felix Frankfurter, and Louis Brandeis. Justice O'Connor was a state court judge for six years prior to being appointed to the Supreme Court. Hugo L. Black was a judge on the police court of Birmingham, Alabama

Anonymous said...

Justice Jordan? Never. He is more than qualified and a very decent human beiing. The problem? He is not predictably liberal. Liberals would reach back forty years for precedent and cite to Byron White, a JFK appointee who became somewhat of a conservative.