Monday, June 04, 2007

Verdict in the NCL trial

Well, the first five plaintiffs can't be happy they went first in the case involving 400 plaintiffs against NCL for cruising through a big storm. They were zipped. Now what? I've heard that Judge Altonaga plans on using the same jury again in three months for the next five plaintiffs. Do they get to retry liability? Anyone in the know have any insight on what's the next step assuming no settlement.


Anonymous said...

Step 1 - Get new lawyers

Step 2 - Get new witnesses

Step 3 - Take the jury out on a "site visit" when the wind is blowing 30 knots from the NE on a boat and let them puke for 4 hours, then continue to present case.

Step 4 - Collect the contingency fee!

Todd and in Charge said...

There won't be any more trials, plaintiffs' counsel is getting out as fast as a boat in a bad storm....

Anonymous said...

I'll take the cases! Just send them over to my office:

Anonymous B. Anonymous, Esq.
101 Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33131