Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More Padilla and Wilk stuff

1. Jose Padilla's voice was heard again today in Court. Apparently that's newsworthy.

2. The AP's request (earlier coverage here) for same day access to the tapes played by the Government was denied, but the Court gave the media next day access.

3. The Miami Herald has written about the lead prosecutor and lead defense lawyer in Kenneth Wilk's trial. Here's the story about Assistant U.S. Attorney John Kastrenakes and here's the one on Bill Matthewman.

on the left is Bill Matthewman's picture from the Herald article and on the right is John Kastrenakes' picture from the Herald article


Anonymous said...

These guys are in the middle of a death penalty trial and they are smiling for the cameras??!!?? I wonder how Mr. Wilk or the slain officer's family would feel about this.

Anonymous said...

In retrospect, please delete "Mr. Wilk or" and insert sentence stating "after the jury votes for life,"

Thank you