Sunday, June 17, 2007

I have no idea what to title this post...

This week's Neighbors section in the Miami Herald profiled a local lawyer, Carolyn Kellman, AKA CK (pictured at left, from the Herald article). She works at Adorno & Yoss. From the article:

Passions du jour: I love accessories because they make an outfit. They don't have to be expensive but it should be coup de coeur (love at first sight). Fabulous stiletto shoes and soft, smooshy, large leather bags. I love black clothes, which I think has to do with being a New Yorker. You can take the girl out of New York but you can't take New York out of the girl.

Look: I like to mix high and low with new and old. Sophisticated, yet fun. I want to stand out for my unique fashion flare.

Here's her bio on A&Y. Her experience: Collections, Landlord/Tenant disputes, and workouts.

More: "Carolyn Kellman is a Partner in the Firm's Miami office and member of the Collections Department. Ms. Kellman focuses her practice in large-scale commercial collections with an emphasis on stipulated settlement workouts and landlord tenant workout and lease issues. She represents numerous national collection agencies, assisting them with resolutions with South Florida debtors. She also acts as a "lawyer-liaison" for clients who want their countrywide collections administered by a sole source."
Rumpole has been saying that I'm stealing his stuff, so I've moved away from his state court coverage to this piece, which is more like, say, AboveTheLaw..... I guess I'll go back to Padilla tomorrow. Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day weekend.


Anonymous said...

Cudos to her for the guts to strike the pose.

But alas...I think somebody should put the girl back in NY. You know what they say about NYC...The only problem with it is that it is full of New Yorkers!

Rumpole said...

How can I say this nicely? Thanks for leaving my stuff alone.

I have clients like look like that young lady. Most of them are accused of sauntering up to cars and saying inappropriate things.

Anonymous said...

Can you post a picture of Paris? That's hot.

Anonymous said...

Odd - Article states age: 36 yet she graduated from law school in 1983.

Either that's an "honest" mistake or I need to engage in serious math workouts to come up with a more accurate age.

Anonymous said...

I have the perfect bag for ther face!

Anonymous said...

This lady is stunning and absolutely beautiful. She raises the standard for all lawyers. Its refreshing to see an attorney who is both radiant and intelligent.