Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Caruso on cross

Lead Jose Padilla lawyer, Michael Caruso, cross-examined the lead FBI agent today and by all accounts, did a ton of damage.

The agent conceded that Padilla never used any of the code words that the other defendants had used. And he admitted that Padilla was focused on learning Arabic and memorizing the Koran. Some examples from the AP article:

Caruso asked Kavanaugh if Padilla ever was heard using what prosecutors say were code words for violent jihad, such as "picnic," "smelling fresh air" or "eating cheese."
"No, he does not," Kavanaugh replied.


Caruso asked Kavanaugh if Padilla was ever overheard discussing jihad training.
"No jihad training that I've seen," Kavanaugh said.


"He's not referring to anything here but studying Arabic, correct? Study means study, right?" Caruso asked.
"That's what they're talking about," Kavanaugh testified.

More on Caruso's cross from the Miami Herald here.

This isn't the first time that the defense has scored points on cross. See here and here and here and here. My wife says boring (but she's watching a rerun of Brothers & Sisters, so what does she know!). I say fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Did you forget the terrorist training camp application? Per the Herald, Caruso tried to forget it, but the Herald did not and I bet the jury remembers it too. From the Herald account, seems like that terror training campapplication, with Padilla's fingerprints, can't be mistaken for a Berlitz language school application.

Anonymous said...

We will see.

That is HOT.

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Anonymous said...

7:52 a.m.: I expect more from a person that graduated from either Harvard or Yale -- that grammar is piss poor.

That is NOT HOT!

Anonymous said...

hey 11:04 a.m.
ignoring the content to focus on the grammar seems to miss the point. In any event, neither Cambridge nor New Haven wanted me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Durham. ;)