Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Go, Dore, Go!

One of my daughter's favorite TV shows is Go, Diego, Go!

Now we have a new blog feature: Go, Dore, Go! We'll track the fun quotes from Marshall Dore Louis during the Padilla trial (previous quotes here and here). Louis is second chair to Bill Swor, who represents Padilla co-defendant Kifah Wael Jayyousi.

The latest from today's Miami Herald:

''These gentlemen are not accused of conspiring to kill Americans,'' said Jayyousi's attorney, Marshall Dore Louis. ``It just inflames the jury against bin Laden more than they already are.''


Anonymous said...

A new feature to track "fun quotes" in a trial involving terror. What is wrong with you? Is this part of some secret plan to make newly-released (and supposedly reformed and socially conscious) Paris Hilton look like a serious person? The Happy Meal comment was perfect fodder for some fun; this trial is not.

Anonymous said...

If you have been following the trial, you certainly would know that it does not involve terror.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Not about terror? Simply because it might not be about September 11 doesn't mean that it is not about terror. Do you really believe padilla went to an Al Qaeda training camp because imam school in Cairo was filled up? Let me guess -- Al Qaeda, along with Hamas and Hezbollah (which had killed more Americans prior to 9/11 than other terrorist group)-- are simply charitable and social service organizations. You don't have to support torture (which I don't) to face reality.