Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"This strategy of ‘shaking down’ defendants with nightmarishly expensive litigation in pursuit of attorney fees must not be rewarded.”

All sorts of fun stuff in the Review this morning, including an article about attorney's fees. That quote above is from Judge Moreno from a 2003 case and the article discusses a recent Judge Zloch case where a six figure fee was requested in a relatively minor case.

The cover story is also interesting -- it's about Judge Middlebrooks ruling on trade dress infringement in the energy drink world. Everyone wants small 8 ounce bottles with vertical lettering, but that's not enough for an infringement case: "The notion that a company can appropriate a standard 8-ounce bottle, utilize vertical lettering of its product name, and preclude competitors from using that bottle with their own lettering . . . seems to be nothing but a thinly veiled effort to stifle legitimate competition." Attorney fees in that case to American Body Building (to be paid by Vital Pharmaceuticals --VPX) of $360,000.

If energy drinks aren't your thing and you are more into ice cream, then read this Sun-Sentinel story about Carvel's niece wanting to dig him up to study the body for foul play.

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