Monday, April 23, 2007


Prosecutors in every trial try to dehumanize "the defendant." And defense lawyers always try to humanize "Mr. Defendant." So far, it appears that the Government is doing its job in the Wilk case. Check out this Sun-Sentintel article about what the jurors have seen so far:

The murder case against Kenneth Wilk has been one of disturbing images.The photo of a dark puddle of blood on the floor. That's where Broward Sheriff's Deputy Todd Fatta fell after a bullet pierced his chest while serving a federal warrant at Wilk's home. The autopsy photos. They showed the damage wreaked by the fatal shot that tore through Fatta's liver and severed his spinal cord. And the sordid images of child pornography. Prosecutors say Wilk and his partner possessed dozens of them on their personal computers.

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