Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fire rescue to the Tower Building...

... to pull out a District Judge from a stuck elevator.
No joke.

When is the new building going to open!?!


Anonymous said...

Which Judge?

Anonymous said...

Witch Judge?

Anonymous said...

Aloha Federal Dudes,

I was hoping to provide some substantive analysis today. An intricate discussion of double jeopardy, federalism, and my appearance on Jeopardy! years ago, but I have far more important work which, quite obviously, must be attended to.

Spicoli must save that tasty babe from the Golden Jaws of Hell. I think I can use my board to rescue her.

What's up Brad!
Later Federal Dudes. I'm not there very often, but, I like it that Mr. Hand forced me to learn a bit of latin.