Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jose Padilla trial to start

The lawyers about to start trying the Jose Padilla case must have that nervous stomach feeling that all trial lawyers get the night before... There's nothing like a criminal trial. The stakes are as high as they can be. The pressure is through the roof. Nothing in the law is more exciting and exhilarating... And the biggest trial in the Nation starts tomorrow in Miami. United States of America v. Jose Padilla. Start your engines.
Our local beat is of course all over the start of the Jose Padilla trial.
"Padilla terror trial is ready to unfold; After five years in detention, Jose Padilla will finally have his day in court as jury selection begins Monday in a high-profile terrorism trial in Miami": This article appears today in The Miami Herald.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports today that "5 years later, Padilla terror case closer to trial."
And The Associated Press reports that "Padilla Jury Selection Opening."


Spicoli said...

First the "Bubble," then the "Buzz."

The "Bubble" I refer to -- this haze a trial lawyer remains stuck in prior to and throughout the duration of a good ol' fashioned jury trial with high stakes. The bubble effect is such an easy read and often seen in an attoney's demeanor. Wearing a mask to conceal the bubble effect is most important.

The Buzz: After a trial, whether victorious or left in the agony of defeat, leaves an attorney with a strong lasting effect. More powerful than any drug. The highs. The lows. The duration of The Buzz. I can think back years to a moment of surreal joy when juror #1 handed me his reading glasses when I was impeaching a witness with a prior inconsistent statement who claimed he "coudn't read without his glasses." The look on the faces of the jurors. the judge holding his head in his hands. The 10 second not guilty.

Contrast with the moment I'm having now. A case of mine came back on a lesser attempted murder 2. State case. Saved his life could be one way of looking at it perhaps. I sat with my head in my hands for nearly a week. The guy got seven years. Right now, I'm feeling that pain. I hate losing. Period.

To sympathize with the attorneys is is exhillerating in and of itself. Boy would I love a case like this. I welcome these. Up against the world and all the chips are stacked against you with Brunson at the other end of the table. The game you're not supposed to win. When you take down that pot, with hard work and eloquence, that's the ultimate buzz.

Anonymous said...

Word Spicoli!

It is us against the "Big G."

Anonymous said...

I love a NFG. Know what that stands for? Surf around a bit and feel free to write that answer on more of a low brow blog. Not to minimize this one... I have a crass sense of humour I must moderate here. At 11:15 on our blog, modification ends. (yup, cheap plug here).

THE BUZZ. I'm thinking of this fat NFG right now. Right back to the moment.

How cool is that? Whenever I get down or whatever, I think of something like that and fire up. Emotionally of course.


Spicoli said...

P.S. NFG= Not Bleeping Guilty.