Sunday, April 01, 2007


From tomorrows Daily Business Review, comes an excerpt of this article:

"The Chief Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit has announced plans to sell corporate sponsorship for the court, courtrooms, and small corporate logos which can be placed on a Judge's Robe. The plan is being pushed forward to meet large anticipated deficits in local court funding. Included in the plans are the renaming of the criminal courthouse to the Fed-EX Gerstein Justice Building, renaming the Civil Courthouse the Kinkos Civil Courthouse, and having VISA become the official credit card of the 11th Judicial Circuit.

"While no Federal Judge would speak for the record, most were shocked at the blatant selling of corporate sponsorship for the State Judiciary. Said one Judge: 'I understand the rules are a bit looser over there, but this sounds like it could get them into trouble. What is someone is being sued by Kinkos over failure to pay a bill and they have to defend the suit in the Kinkos Courthouse? I'm not sure they thought this all the way through.'

"Another Judge was more dismissive of the issue: 'Typical State Court nearsightedness. This issue will end up over here and then they will get embarassed."

Rumpole thanks Mr. Markus for allowing us access to his blog for this story which bears watching closely.

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Unknown said...

Oh! C'mon. This is supposed to be a straight blog site. You must be kidding!!!
No, really! Let's give the rest of the world something else chastise America about. There needs to be another Amendment to the Constitution. Separation between Churches (Fried Chicken) and State.

JC Scott
Ocala, FL