Monday, March 01, 2021

Rumpole's Rules of Court (Updated)

 He posts his 10 Rules here, which he says apply via Zoom or in person.  I like them.  Check them out, especially young lawyers.  One quibble with Rule #4 -- are you really standing up during Zoom court?

Updated -- one rule Rumpole should think about adding is that clients shouldn't show up while performing surgery.  This plastic surgeon thought it was a good idea to appear for trial during while his unconscious patient was on the operating table

Speaking of Zoom court, I'd like to see the statistics for Zoom sentencings.  Are judges giving more significant downward variances because of the pandemic? Or are sentences higher because it's harder to humanize the client over Zoom?  

My experience has been that most judges recognize the difficulties in presenting arguments during a Zoom sentencing as well as the challenges of custodial sentences.  They have been giving the "Zoom discount." It depends, of course... for some judges, it's business as usual.  But overall, I have seen better (lower) sentences over the past year.  

My hope is that these slightly lower sentences start to become normalized and don't change once the pandemic is over.  If Biden can prioritize judges and appoint some progressives to the bench, we may even start to see real change in sentencing.  Let's see.

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Anonymous said...

I was debating whether to get a tabletop lectern for the conference room for hearings. I also quibble with it as well.