Monday, November 02, 2020

Of course there's already a problem in Miami with the election

 The Feds are investigating what's going on with piles of ballots sitting at post offices in Miami.  The Herald is covering it here:

Two days after inspectors found dozens of undelivered ballots sitting in a post office in South Miami-Dade County, the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General is preparing to sweep other mail facilities in Miami-Dade for ballots that haven’t reached their destination ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

Scott Pierce, the special agent in charge for the USPS Inspector General’s Southern Area Field Office, confirmed to the Miami Herald on Sunday afternoon that special agents “will be busy over the next couple of days conducting several station visits” at mail distribution centers in Miami-Dade.

Pierce wouldn’t disclose which locations or how many would be searched.

“Our investigation continues and, at this time, we aren’t releasing any additional statements,” he said.

On Friday night, agents discovered 48 ballots in the Princeton post office near Homestead after State Rep. Kionne McGhee tweeted a video that showed a backlog of undelivered mail piling up at the facility. McGhee said the video was shared with him anonymously by a concerned USPS employee.

Ugh, this is crazy to me.  All of us really need this election to be over already.  And with stuff like this going on, I'm concerned that we won't have an answer Tuesday night.  Fingers crossed. 

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Anonymous said...

Trump already says we'll have an answer. If he's ahead tomorrow not, he'll declare victory and his lawyers will go the courts. And the courts will decide. In his favor.

Your welcome.