Tuesday, November 03, 2020


Happy Election Day!  One of the big issues in this election is criminal justice and especially racial justice.  George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice, and so on.  Back in the early 80s, Miami was going through a similar time of racial tension. 

This episode of the podcast will take us back to that time and examine a case where Roy Black represented a Hispanic police officer, Luis Alvarez, who was charged with the killing of a young Black man, Nevell Johnson.  

This episode is available now on all podcast platforms including AppleSpotify and Google.

I think you'll enjoy hearing from famed criminal defense lawyer Roy Black (who has represented William Kennedy Smith, Rush Limbaugh, Helio Castroneves, and Marv Albert just to name a few).  This was the case that thrust Roy into the national spotlight, and he didn't disappoint.  Check it out!

And a big thanks to those of you who listened to the premiere episode last week with Donna Rotunno, the lawyer that represented Harvey Weinstein (which is still available on AppleSpotify, and Google). 

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Anonymous said...

First episode was interesting. Hope you discussed the fact jury was all white.

Anonymous said...

They did. Maybe you should listen to it.

Ron Herman said...

Thanks for doing this. First episode made some really excellent points.

Anonymous said...

Roy Black defended a brown man who killed a black man, which is probably different from his contemporary slate of well heeled clients. But the brown man was wearing the uniform of the state and acting as a functionary for white supremacy. So the acquittal was just a victory for white supremacy. I don't know if Roy Black charged as much in 1985 as he does now, but a less expensive lawyer could have gotten the same result. Defending cops for shooting and killing black men in front of a white jury wasn't so difficult then, or now for that matter.

And your premiere episode featured Donna Rotunno, the rape apologist rotund liar with a nose that would put Pinocchio to shame.

Anonymous said...

Roy was very gracious to the prosecutor who he ran circles around. Very classy.