Friday, November 06, 2020

News & Notes

I've had enough election coverage.  Here's some other interesting tidbits:

1.  Magistrate Judge Alicia Valle is up for re-appointment.  Jon Sale leads the re-appointment committee here.  Please send him comments.  

2.  People's Court Judge Marylin Milian and her husband, former AUSA and Circuit Judge John Schlesinger had some fun promoting at home court here.


3.  ACB is already asking questions.  Pretty interesting.

4. Some folks have asked me if the prosecutors or judges have responses to the podcast episodes so far on Harvey Weinstein (with Donna Rotunno) and Luis Alvarez (with Roy Black).  But this is a podcast for criminal defense lawyers about their work.  I'm happy to post any rebuttal though.  If the prosecutors or judges would like to comment, please send me your comments and I will post them in full.  

Have a great weekend everyone. 

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Anonymous said...

Dad of Red Hot Chili Peppers legend on the panel - nice!