Tuesday, June 09, 2020

What upppppp?

The federal courts are extremely slow.
No jury trials.
No grand juries.
Prosecutors have been told to work at home whenever possible.
It's slow.

In the meantime, here is some reading material.
  • Professor Ricardo Bascuas and I, along with Jeffrey Green from Sidley, filed this NACDL amicus brief in support of the Rule 48 motion to dismiss the Flynn case.
  • The DBR covers John Couriel's appointment to the Florida Supreme Court:
Born in 1978, Couriel grew up in West Miami. In his application to the Florida Supreme Court, Couriel said he was the son of hardworking Cuban immigrants that sacrificed their income to support their son’s educational endeavors. Couriel was always interested in the law and excelled academically.
In high school, Couriel’s interest in law led him to participate on the debate team. Debate was more than just a means to sharpen his speaking skills — in the final round of one particularly competitive showdown, Couriel was pitched against his future wife, Rebecca L. Toonkel. Ultimately, he triumphed in the debate, and they would later connect during their undergraduate years at Harvard College.
    President Donald Trump put forth an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory Tuesday about the 75-year-old protester in Buffalo who suffered head injuries after he was pushed to the ground by police and hit his head on the sidewalk.
    "75 year old Martin Gugino was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment," Trump said in a morning tweet. Citing a report on conservative news network OANN, Trump said, "I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?" He said Gugino "could be" an anarchist "provocateur" but provided no evidence for that assertion. Two suspended Buffalo police officers were charged with assault and accused of intentionally pushing Gugino, who bled from the back of the head after he hit the sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

David -- love the content, as always. One thing you (may) have missed that I think is ESSENTIAL reading material for anyone on this blog is Justice Sotomayor's recent statement on St. Hubert. It points out the disturbing and unique practices of this circuit in second or successive habeas applications. I highly recommend you and other readers take a look.


David Oscar Markus said...

Thanks for the tip. Posted.

Anonymous said...

I guess since Martin Gugino deleted his Twitter feed including his "Fuck the Police" tweet there really is "no evidence" that he's a provocateur. Well other than him approaching the skirmish line and initiating contact with the cops. Those two cops will be acquitted of felonious assault in about ten minutes. Old commie wanted a confrontation and he got it.

Anonymous said...

10:09-turd....watch the video of what those cops did and compare it to how these protesters dealt with a woman approaching them with a bat.


On the one hand, you have decent people protecting thier rights in a calm and fair manner, not wanting to hurt anybody, on the other hand, you have sadistic cops in positions of authority, where they are supposed to be protecting people....who enjoy inflicting pain and only look at the guy as he bleeds from his ears.

You are a sad, sadistic fuck...go back and hang with you cop buddies and listen to them talk up how tough they are....and while you are at it, go kick you dog a few more times.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but you are wrong David. AG Barr had corrupt intent when he ordered the dismissal motion. While Flynn should not be prosecuted for lying in accepting the plea, he should be prosecuted and sentenced for lying to the FBI. However, he should not be sentenced to jail time.