Sunday, June 21, 2020

Thought experiment

What would have happened if President Obama had Attorney General Eric Holder fire SDNY U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara because Bharara was investigating Obama and members of Obama’s inner circle?

I mean, remember the reaction when Bill Clinton said hello to AG Lynch on the tarmac...

It is a shame that Berman resigned.  It would have been interesting to see the legal showdown between him and Barr/Trump.  This really was a script from Billions...


Anonymous said...

Your post is a perfect example of political we tend to interpret facts to fit our preexisting political views.

You apparently believe:

1. Trump/Barr fired Berman "because" of investigations related to Trump.

2. Clinton simply "said hello" to Lynch on the tarmac.

People on the right, not coincidentally, believe the exact opposite.

In reality, as to both episodes, there is ***zero evidence*** of impropriety. Instead, it is the self serving speculation of partisans.

If your standard for believing things to be true is ***zero evidence***, just remember it is because of people like you that we live in a world with birtherism, 9-11 conspiracies, etc. In fact, it is why we elect people like Trump.

Anonymous said...

said hello to AG Lynch on the tarmac...LOL...come on man you are a smart guy.

Anonymous said...

What Clinton did has nothing to do with what Trump is currently doing - "but he did it too", is no defense.

Okay, let's assume Clinton said more to Lynch - that is fucked up - I for one, do believe more was said, and I do think it is fucked up. The
Clinton's are gone - Hilary should be in jail, I do believe she is a criminal. She will never be the party's nominee again.

I am not a fucking moron either, and I do believe Trump fired the Bharara because of his investigations and work. Trump is a corrupt fuck - if you don't believe that, you are either stupid or choose to be stupid.

So, yeah, Hilary should be in jail, Trump should be sharing a cell with her. I think that would be just punishment for the both of them.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered the possibility that the person acting politically was and is Berman, rather than Barr? Being overly aggressive on trump associates to (1) make himself famous and a folk hero among liberals, and (2) to make it politically difficult for Barr to fire him. Just look at how the media lionized Mueller. Its impossible to know if either barr or berman acted politically, or both, or neither, from our vantage point, but assuming political motives of just one side is naive.

Anonymous said...

Sure, that is a possibility, but isn't that what juries are for? Regardless, with Trump, I would not be betting Trump is the victim/honest actor in this play.

Anonymous said...

Curious question. Juries are mainly called to judge once evidence has been collected and after prosecutors believe they have admissible evidence proving a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. A grand jury can investigate crimes by collecting evidence, but you must have some factual predication to open an investigation. So as of now, it would be absurd to open an investigation as to either berman or barr. A news report just came out about some of the recent friction between berman and barr. Read up.

Anonymous said...

4:22. You are an idiot.

Under your reasoning, we could never prosecute police officers for murdering unarmed black men until the bystanders' video is released and we all know a crime was committed....whoh....wait a minute...oh gosh, well, I guess you and you kin have been having their way for a few hundred years after all. Why should you handle things any different with your GOP buddies and trump. My bad.

Anonymous said...


My kin having their way? What in the world are you even taking about?

Reread my rather banal comment, reread your response. Then look in the mirror. Do you see a crazy person? Seriously, look at who you see there, and really think. If you don't see a crazy person, read your response out loud, and look again.

Anonymous said...

It was a way of pointing out the absurdity of your position and the absurdity of blindly supporting the GOP and Trump.

Some things are funny because they are true and ironic. Or, they take things to a logical (but absurd) next step.

The absurdity of it all, you know.

Lighten up Francis.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that only Loretta and Bill know what was said on that plane. When you little scamps get together, you're worse than a sewing circle.

We know that Trump doesn't order a damn thing. He hires people who know what he wants and will do anything to gain his favor. Barr knew what the time was and he served his master. He is clearly not Elliot Richardson.