Wednesday, May 18, 2016

William H. Pryor officially on Trump's SCOTUS shortlist

The NYTimes has the list here:
Steven M. Colloton of Iowa; Allison Eid of Colorado;Raymond W. Gruender of Missouri; Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania; Raymond Kethledge of Michigan; Joan Larsen of Michigan; Thomas Lee of Utah; William H. Pryor Jr. of Alabama; David Stras of Minnesota; Diane Sykes of Wisconsin; and Don Willett of Texas.

Judge Pryor and I have not always seen eye to eye, but he has found a softer side recently (see here and here) and is extremely smart.

Interestingly, Trump also mentioned a fellow tweeter, Don Willett.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Brad Cohen didn't make the list.

Anonymous said...

Trump for President; Pryor for SC.

This is crazy.

Anonymous said...

That Shaygan link was a great read.