Monday, May 02, 2016

FBI stops plot to bomb Aventura temple (update)

Mag court should be interesting today. Judge Turnoff is presiding. The Herald has more here:
A Hollywood man was arrested Friday night by FBI agents while he was attempting to carry out an explosive attack on an Aventura synagogue, according to officials.
Juan Medina is accused of plotting with confidential FBI sources in an attempt to blow up the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, 20400 NE 30th Ave., during services on Friday.
Medina was held in the Federal Detention Center in downtown Miami over the weekend and is expected to have his first appearance Monday afternoon in magistrate court.
He is expected to be charged with a weapons of mass destruction offense.
He was portrayed by law enforcement officials as being anti-Semitic, and that might have been be a factor in his motivation to carry out the deadly plot.

UPDATE -- well, the mag appearance was indeed interesting.  From the Sun-Sentinel:

The suspect seemed to want to make a speech in court but was shut down by U.S. Magistrate Judge William Turnoff.
"I've got a few words of my own. ... My name is James Medina, aka James Mohammed," he told the judge.
On Monday, the judge ordered Medina will remain locked up at least until a detention hearing Thursday morning where the prosecution and defense can make their arguments.
Medina said in court that he is out of work, divorced and has no significant assets. The judge appointed the Federal Public Defender's Office to represent him. Office policy prohibits assistant federal public defenders from commenting on pending cases.

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Not JAFI much longer said...

It was a Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical weapon?

Anonymous said...

Personal Surety Bond? Lol