Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Time for a new courthouse in Ft. Lauderdale

GSA says it will cost about $190 million.  From the Sun-Sentinel:
The downtown federal courthouse needs to be replaced, a new federal study has determined, something that local judges, attorneys and area officials have been saying for more than a decade.
The current 37-year-old facility on Broward Boulevard at Northeast Third Avenue has had leaking roofs, mold, flooding problems and cramped offices. It also doesn't meet the latest federal security requirements.
The General Services Administration said a new courthouse would cost an estimated $190 million but that would be more cost effective than leasing a new property or repairing the current building and adding an annex. It ruled out a private-public partnership to do the work, something city and downtown leaders had been investigating because of the lack of movement at the federal level.
"This report takes us an important step forward towards a new safe and secure facility," said Rep. Lois Frankel, whose district includes parts of the city. Frankel, a West Palm Beach Democrat and member of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, got that committee to pass a resolution last year requiring the GSA study.
Let's see if anything actually gets done.

Remember these videos that were posted back in 2013 where it was literally raining in the courthouse:


Bob Becerra said...

New Courthouse is desperately needed. That place is like a time warp to a time of blown dried, feathered haircuts.

Anonymous said...

The style of the building is referred to as "brutalist": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brutalist_architecture

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should just use the empty courtrooms in Miami.

Anonymous said...

37 years old...why...just a babe.

S/reg building

No Longer JAFI said...

2000 years AFTER the Coliseum, and we can't build a building that lasts 30 years. JHFC.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will use the same architect as before and construct a second horrendous looking building. Have you ever seen such a disgusting concrete monstrosity for a federal courthouse anywhere else?