Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm baaaaaaacck

Big thanks to the the guest bloggers and posts while I was away.  Entertaining, informative and a little different than what you usually get from me, so that's really great.

Lots of complaints about prisons in the press, but not much action.  Here's the L.A. Times on the Supermax, and the Washington Post on solitary confinement. When will the Supremes take up the issue?

Former Broward Teachers Union President Pat Santeramo was indicted.  Paula McMahon is covering the story and Ben Kuehne is defending.

The 11th Circuit finally decided to dump one of the most ridiculous procedural rules ever. Now if the Supreme Court decides an issue after you've filed your initial brief, you can still raise the issue in a supplemental filing. 

Looks like the 4th Circuit in Graham created a Circuit split with the en banc 11th in Quartavious Davis on the cell-site data issue.  Hopefully the Supreme Court will take it (I'm biased as I am counsel of record for Davis).  My co-counsel, the ACLU, covers the story here.


Anonymous said...

The link to ACLU coverage is not working . . . .

Anonymous said...

you were gone?