Friday, August 21, 2015

Don King and "Sugar" Shane Mosley square off in the S.D. Fla.

Former pound-for-pound best fighter in the world “Sugar” Shane Mosely took to Twitter yesterday to discuss a lawsuit brought by Don King’s promotional company (DKP) against him, fellow boxer Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga, and others seeking to put a halt to the upcoming “Grudge Match” between Mosely and Mayorga, currently scheduled for August 29. According to court documents, Mosley’s seeking to fight Mayorga in the Grudge Match would tortiously interfere with DKP’s exclusive contractual rights to promote its client Mayorga. A hearing on DKP’s motion for a TRO and preliminary injunction was held yesterday before Judge Williams.

Mosely displayed his promotional skills before the hearing:

Thoughts on the strength of DKP’s case?

Any predictions, Champ?

C’mon, Shane! This is the Southern District of Florida! And you have a great judge.

So how’d it go?

Fair enough. Staying silent is probably best until this all gets resolved.

Hope it works out for all involved. Stay tuned.


In other news, the Eleventh Circuit issued a few interesting decisions this week, reminding lower courts that they should essentially never vacate arbitral awards, and discussing the risks of providing your cell-phone number to entities that might text you advertisements. 

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Don King vs. Hon. KMW? Can we get that on payperview?