Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pizzi jury asking weird questions... (UPDATED -- Pizzi acquitted)

...and Judge Cooke is responding in print.  According to Dave Ovalle who is tweeting about the deliberations, Judge Cooke commented that "a whole generation can't read cursive" so she had to respond in print. She also said that she was "educated by nuns" in regards to her cursive.

On to the actual notes:

1)  The jury wanted "more understanding" about whether count 1 (the conspiracy charge) had to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  The answer was obviously yes.

2)  The jury also wanted to know whether the entrapment instruction applied to all of the counts.  Again, the answer was yes.

Ovalle says that this leads him to believe that we are in for a split verdict.  I wonder.  This leads me to think that someone is fighting for the defense, but who really knows. 

UPDATE -- Ovalle was wrong -- NOT GUILTY across the board for Pizzi.


Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up Pizzi

Bob Becerra said...

What these questions really tell is that we need to do a better job with the pattern instructions on explaining the law to juries.

Rumpole said...

I'm not sure you're correct about the answer to the first question. This is federal court after all.

Anonymous said...

With that type of attitude no wonder Rump has never won a federal case.

Anonymous said...

Pizzi is lucky Judge Cooke presided over his case. Had it been Altonaga or Moore, he would have been hanging out in Coleman for a few years.

not guilty said...

the people should acquit everyone until the United States has a legitimate justice system, which will never happen in this state so long as the florida bar exists.

Jury sez not guilty! forever!