Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Be nice to Dave Ovalle...

...if you are in federal court this morning.  He will be covering the closing arguments in the Pizzi trial for the Herald.  He's used to non-working escalators and bad coffee, so if you run into him, show him the good spots in and around the federal courthouse. Here's his lead-up story:
Lawyers are scheduled to deliver closing arguments Tuesday morning in a Miami federal court, with deliberations to follow.Pizzi’s defense rested Monday after several days of presenting witnesses aimed at explaining away allegations that the politician accepted money four separate times between 2011 and 2013.A guilty verdict could spell the end of a career for the fast-talking, populist-style politician first elected to the Miami Lakes City Council in 2000, then to the mayor’s seat eight years later. An acquittal would be a resounding triumph for Pizzi, who had long insisted he is innocent, set up by questionable FBI tactics and unscrupulous informants.Federal prosecutors say Pizzi took the money in exchange for supporting a phony federal grant application sought by two crooked Chicago businessmen — actually undercover FBI agents working with a lobbyist-turned-informant Michael Kesti.
Pizzi’s defense lawyers have painted Candia as a liar looking to lessen his prison sentence.To shoot down the claim, defense lawyers last week called to the stand Jorge Concepcion, a businessman who told jurors he was actually meeting with Pizzi at a house nearby at the time of the alleged Starbucks encounter.On Monday, for their final rebuttal witness, prosecutors put on a phone company engineer who testified that Pizzi’s phone call likely came south of a cellphone tower — near the Starbucks, in the opposite direction of the home where Pizzi purportedly met with Concepcion.


Anonymous said...

No Ovalle, this is not a death penalty case, even if there are 12 jurors - all the federal cases have that many!

Also, do not - I repeat, do not, spell it Judge Cook - you will have a world of trouble over the missing "e" - trust me.

Also, Judge Cooke really appreciates hats in the courtroom, so if you have a signature one - wear it.

Give Tammy - the greatest assistant in the building, a great big hug when you see her - even if she doesn't know you, she will make you feel like she does.

Ivan may be recognizable to you from the State arena - here he is not called a "clerk" - do not call him one - Ivan is a "Courtroom Deputy" or "CRD". Ivan is one in a million.

Finally, if a man in a blue coat and gray slacks tells you something, do not mistake him for a reincarnation of Sy Gaer and slap him on the back - he will taser you.

Anonymous said...

So great to have David covering the story. His piece was honest and fair. He reported the news.

Rumpole said...

Don't get too comfortable over there where agents sit at the counsel table because those feds couldn't try their way out of a paper bag without someone holding their hand. Come back to the building with the real lawyers and the real trials. Not those dog and pony slow pleas.

Anonymous said...

2:05 -- says a guy who has pled half the detention center... clown