Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ana Alliegro pleads guilty on eve of trial

Curt Anderson, from the AP, covers it here:
Less than a week before trial, a onetime close associate of former U.S. Rep. David Rivera pleaded guilty Tuesday to four charges in a long-running campaign finance investigation that also implicates Rivera.
Attorneys for Ana Alliegro announced in a surprise that she would plead guilty rather than go to trial Monday. Prosecutor Thomas Mulvihill said there was no plea agreement requiring Alliegro to cooperate as a government witness against Rivera.
Her attorney, Richard Klugh, said there was no written deal in place.
"There is no guaranteed benefit for the plea. She's just accepted responsibility," he said.
Rivera, a Republican, has not been charged and has repeatedly denied wrongdoing. Alliegro, 44, was accused of funneling about $80,000 to an unknown Democratic candidate, Justin Sternad, in the 2012 primary for the House seat then held by Rivera. Prosecutors say the goal was to weaken Democrat Joe Garcia, who won anyway and later defeated Rivera in the general election.
Mulvihill said Tuesday for the first time publicly that Rivera was part of the conspiracy when asked for the name by U.S. District Judge Robert Scola. In the past, Rivera was identified only as "co-conspirator A" in court documents.
Rivera did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment Tuesday.
Earlier this year, Rivera filed papers to run for his old 26th District House seat again, then suspended his campaign in July. Recently, however, Rivera has been participating in campaign events such as a candidates forum over the weekend, and his name will appear on next Tuesday's GOP primary ballot.
Alliegro, meanwhile, is to be sentenced Sept. 10. The four charges against her each carry potential five-year prison sentences, but she is likely to get far less because she has now pleaded guilty and may cooperate in the ongoing investigation. Sternad also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven months in prison.


Anonymous said...

Curt is the best. What an honest, ethical news reporter.

Anonymous said...

The Klugh-meister!

Unknown said...

Former-U.S. Congressman David Rivera was the actual target of an investigation into federal campaign election law violations. In the interim, Ana, my daughter, has been subjected to slander, inhumane treatment, and humiliation. If Rivera was indeed her friend, he should have come forth long ago to accept or refute the allegations. The situation turned serious and affected the health of her mother. Last night, her mother asked her to consider how her situation has affected the family and her health. If she knew that Rivera had actually used her, to come forth with the information. She has suffered enough expecting Rivera to come in her defense. A person that shows such callous disregard for a friend’s sacrifice does not deserve loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Dad wants a trial.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

Hey, dad, shut up and raise better kids! Your daughter was a renegade until she got caught...deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree w the garbage man on this one. Nothing worse than a tough talker who once tested folds like a house of cards.daddy was so proud of her when she was talking trash . She made her bed.

Anonymous said...

Snitchin' ain't easy.

Anonymous said...

Nice to be reminded that these cases are about people, human in all their imperfections. Law is a helping, and indeed caring profession; sometimes our comments don't reflect that and we need to remember it.