Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What was found in El Chapo's home? (UPDATED)

UPDATED -- well, thanks to the comments, it looks like the pictures are not from El Chapo's home, but from a variety of cases.  They're still cool though.

A lot of money and gold (even gold-plated guns):


And even tigers and crazy hot tubs:


In other news, friends of the blog, Alfred Spellman and Billy Corben debuted "The Tanning of America" last night on VH1. You should definitely check it out:


Anonymous said...

Doesn't appear to be from El Chapo's house:

The pictures are from several different cases. And the dollar amount for the top cash stash ever found in Mexico (which is probably the one pictured) was $200 million.
There is a picture of some guns inside display cases. Those are not the private collection of some drug lord, but actually part of a museum that the Mexican army has with items confiscated to criminals. The museum is not open to the public.


Cocaine Princess said...

The hot tub looks like something you'd see in "The Flintstones