Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BREAKING -- Supremes decide Kaley this morning

Here is the opinion

The Eleventh Circuit is affirmed. The case is remanded; Justice Kagan writes for the Court. Vote is six to three. Roberts dissents, joined by Sotomayor and Breyer.  Very interesting lineup.

Will write more when I have had a chance to read it, but here is the holding:

When challenging the legality of a §853(e)(1) pre-trial asset seizure, a criminal defendant who has been indicted is not constitutionally entitled to contest a grand jury’s determination of probable causeto believe the defendant committed the crimes charged.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if she'll get the PD now.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

Thomas is so cool, opinions are like ____________ , everybody has one, except Thomas

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest: in most -- perhaps all -- cases, an AFPD is just as good -- if not better -- than a high-priced private attorney. Kaley is really much ado about very little.