Thursday, February 27, 2014

Robin Rosenberg officially nominated to District Bench (UPDATED w video from Supreme Court)

Congrats to Judge Rosenberg, who will be filling Judge Jordan's seat but likely sitting in Ft. Pierce.  Our previous coverage is here.

In other news:
  • Former Mayor (and probation officer) Michael Pizzi's trial is continued till July.  (via Miami Herald)
  • Rogerio Scotton was convicted of all charges before Judge Rosenbaum in Ft. Lauderdale.  This was the racecar driver representing himself who tried to introduce sex tapes to prove his marriage was not fraudulent.  Problem was: there were no sex tapes.  (via the Sun-Sentinel)
  • Rumpole has an interesting post about the Luis Alvarez trial from 30 years ago.  Check it out. 
  • Did you know it was a crime to "harangue" a Supreme Court Justice in the Supreme Court?  This guy got charged with the crime yesterday.  Via CNN:
Money is not speech," he reportedly said. "Overturn 'Citizens United!'" referring to a 2010 high court decision loosening a century of federal restrictions on corporate spending by "independent" groups like businesses and unions.
He was only able say a few words before police escorted him from the courtroom, and did not resist.
Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg identified the man as Noah Newkirk of Los Angeles.
Newkirk has been charged with violating federal law that makes it a crime to "harangue" or utter "loud threatening or abusive language in the Supreme Court Building."
The justices ignored the incident.
The court's official written transcript of the argument made no mention of the remarks.
Such outbursts are rare.
Court officials say the last time it happened was eight years ago, during an oral argument over a federal law restricting a certain type of later-term abortion procedure.
A similar interruption occurred about two decades ago.
The courtroom has about 330 seats available to the public. Court security instructs spectators before each public session to remain seated, not to speak, or demonstrate.

UPDATE -- Wow, someone snuck in a video recorder and took this video from inside the Supreme Court:


Anonymous said...

It won't be Fort Pierce: 28 USC sec 456(d).

Anonymous said...

my favorite is lemon harangue

Anonymous said...

it will be fort pierce

Rumpole said...

Love the video. Shake it up. Fight the power.

Anonymous said...

10:38 -
to paraphrase a line from Princess Bride: I don't think 456(d) means what you think it means.

Anonymous said...

How many prior nominees from any administration have promised to go to Ft Pierce? Once they get the commission, they change their mind, stay close to home, and the Chief judge can't enforce it: 28 USC 456(d) says the Duty Station - ie chambers -- SHALL BE the closest courthouse to the judge's home. Unless you appoint a judge who is already from the northern 5 counties, the judge ain't gonna move. CJ can assign cases in Ft Pierce off their jury wheel, sure, like the three judges who travel to Ft Pierce today -- but they just get travel reimbursed, their permanent duty station chambers are in Miami or WPB.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks MC Waste Services, Inc. is annoying?

Anonymous said...

Thank god they had a video, the guy was barely audible

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

I second that

Anonymous said...

Yes. If this were Survivor, MC Waste would be first one voted off

duopoly said...

I’m less concerned with Citizens Untied that sold-out speech to corporations because the message from either side of our duopoly puts corporations over people. I’m more concerned that our legislators, President, and SCOTUS have sold the health of the American people to corporations in stead of providing universal healthcare for all, like most other nations, from Germany to the People’s Republic of China, the two largest manufacturing countries, and our competition in the world market.

Here’s another look inside SCOTUS

CNN: Inside the Supreme Court